Mushroom Projects

Consisting of four architects and an education worker, Mushroom Projects desires to sneak into each corner, utilise the existing resources and bloom in the community, just like the fungus. Coming from different parts of Malaysia, the five members gathered with the similar passion for architectural design and with the hope for community building.

First found in 2014 when two of the founders discovered on the Main Street of Serdang New Village a vacant building, which once housed a traditional Chinese clinic, a beauty salon, and a tuition centre. While pursuing a Master of Architecture, they converted the semi-basement to a five-room guest house and had been operating the space since then as Serdang Hideaway. Officially established in 2019, Mushroom Projects later extended the space to the rest of the building and turned it into a compound, providing more connection with different industries. The construction kicked off in early 2020, though facing some delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was eventually completed in May 2021 and renamed the guesthouse to 1502A by mushroomprojects. In addition to the hotel, the team started a rooftop bar, Suagu, right at the top of the building.

Striving to be an Albergo Diffuso (dispersed hotel), 1502A and team are determined to collaborate with different businesses, new and old, in the area to welcome guests with the whole village.

With Mushroom, together we bloom!