Architectural Design


Year of Completion : May 2021

Architecture & Interior Design by mushroom projects

This is an explorative and experimentation on a multi-storey vacant shophouse place making project.  We designed and inserted programs such as guestrooms, cafe, retail, roof top bar and event space into the 4 stories shop lot with a flat roof. 

The idea is keeping the space plain and white, clean and flexible, so that it becomes very flexible to allocate any artwork, exhibition or event happening in the space.

The front dog-leg staircase is the main access for the guest rooms, cafe, retail and event space while the rear spiral staircase is specially dedicated to the hidden rooftop bar (Suagu), leading people from the back lane through the narrow spiral staircase to the rooftop bar.

New extension of metal dog-leg stairs with the transparent polycarbonate roof and wall was designed to bring in the daylight down to the spaces below. Original slab was hacked to create a double volume space allowing stronger spatial connection of the upper and bottom spaces.

BRC steel mesh framing was designed to the ceiling and wall through out the space to allow flexibility for any hanging decoration, installation or exhibition.

Suagu Rooftop Bar