The soft leather travel pouches are lined with suede, and divided with a soft cotton cloth for you to store an extra watch, jewelry, or even extra straps.

– Durable vegan leather
– 100% soft cotton divider
– 2 compartments
– stainless steel hardware
– size: 14.5cm x 6.8cm

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TI•VOR = TIme + faVOR

pronounced ‘tee•vor’

Personal Story

The idea of TIVOR came during a midnight deep thoughts about life. Feeling lost and defeated, a voice reminded me that no matter how bad my day is, it is not the end, the promised day will come. As the clock tick passes 12:00am, a new day has come, along with new hope and grace.

Time is a favor from God, every day is a new day, an extended grace. May you start your day with refreshed hope and divine blessing. May you cling on what’s meaningful to you and be self-conscious to live slowly, and be present to appreciate the love, grace & favor you received.

Brand Story

Our Motto

Watches are dear to us. It is a functional jewelry that tell time, at the same time a personal ornament that display your character, or even mark a special occasion. With that in mind, we aim to build unique watches that offer timeless design that ensure you looking great while keeping track of your most precious possession: time.

Quality Matters

Because watches are worn on wrists and your wrists follow you everywhere, you’ll need a companion that can handle any environment on your path.

Our materials are handpicked for their durability and resilience, because we got tired of capitalistic consumer goods that value profit over quality.

The People

Hi, we are a small team based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who took the leap of faith to turn our passion in design into venture to share our vision of timepieces. Architecturally trained, we have always wanted to try to turn our vision into everyday object. We believe that good design gives joy and uplift one’s quality of life. I hope you love the watches as much as we do.

– Bo Vi & Jezreel

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