Coffee & Wooden Chopstick Workshop

Pour Over coffee & wooden chopstick making workshop

We take great pleasure in hosting unforgettable team building workshops in our inviting venue. It was an absolute delight to witness the synergy, dedication, and unwavering spirit that each participant brought to the table.

A special appreciation goes out to all who joined us for the immersive Pour Over Coffee and Wooden Chopstick Making Workshop. Together, we unraveled the secrets behind a perfect cup of coffee, transformed raw materials into exquisite wooden chopsticks, forging connections and creating memorable moments along the way.

After a day filled with hands-on experiences and team bonding, it ended with a delightful dinner at our enchanting rooftop.

At our venue, we’re committed to creating an atmosphere that fosters camaraderie, creativity, and lasting memories. Discover the power of team building as you engage in captivating workshops and celebrate your accomplishments over a memorable rooftop dinner.

Step into a world of inspiration and collaboration with our team building workshops. Experience the magic of learning, crafting, and connecting in a truly remarkable setting.

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